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I am a Christian. I am a loving wife to my Army-National-Guard-Recruiter-Husband of 15 years. I am a stay-at-home-mother to our four handsome sons. I am a photographer. My blog is about as erratic, eclectic and random as I am, painted with rainbows of photos and words that are hills and valleys you travel; so lovely sometimes that they hurt you. These are the stories of how far we've come in the last 15 years as Christians, as a family and as individuals.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

{November} Happenings

For the most part, November was very busy for my photography business!  You can view photos from four of the seven sessions I shot  here (two were boudoir, so for privacy I did not post those & one was volunteer work for my bible study group).   If you are not a follower of my photog blog or Facebook please become one!

I was able to enjoy seeing my sister-in-law, Lauri and my niece, Emberlyn & nephew, Ethan the day before Thanksgiving!  I haven't seen them in nearly 3 years; WAY too long considering they live here in SoCal!  Well, actually, now that they've recently moved to Arizona, we find a chance to get together!  I took the opportunity to snap this photo of the cousins since I have no idea how long it will be before we get the chance again.

Our Thanksgiving was bountiful and a major blessing to us.  We were not planning to have a traditional meal due to finances being tight but we had been referred to our kids' school to receive one of the many  "Thanksgiving Baskest" they hand out each year, full of traditional side dishes to be prepared as well as desserts to bake & complete with a TURKEY!  

God has really been showing himself to me through the love of others in my life a lot lately!  And it couldn't be happening at a more perfect time of the year either!  Since my extended family all moved away from California, the Holidays have been very lonesome for me.  God has chosen this year to not only bless me and my family so abundantly by showing me just how NOT alone I am but also by blessing me with a large family Christmas! 

My sister, Lauren Gather, is the subject of a November Maternity Session I shot and is due December 18 - because of her pending motherhood, Mom & Jim, Bonnie & Ryder AND April, Lillian & Liberty are all coming to Cali for the birth and STAYING for Christmas & New Years!  My heart is so very full over this that I can't see through the tears of joy that fill my eyes as I type.  With just one week to go before the family starts trickling in I'm very emotional and excited to host a big family Christmas and welcome a new member this December.  We began "decking our Halls" on Thanksgiving DAY! 

-Oh!  And you can bet your bottom dollar that there. will. be. pictures! so stay tuned (and bear with me if I'm MIA again for a while; now that I'm all caught up on my blogging!)-

{November 1} Tristen

At Discovery, the school Tristen, Seth & Garrett attend, they have someone come in twice a year to test each student's hearing and vision (for free).  Now, you may recall back in January 2010 Garrett was diagnosed as nearsighted and had to start wearing glasses; now it's Tristen's turn.  Apparently the combination in mine and Brad's genes cause nearsightedness in our children!  I find it odd because neither of us wear (or need) glasses.  I suppose it is what it is and we'll deal with what life throws our way. 
 We allowed Garrett to choose his own style of glasses when he had to get them so we gave the same respect to Tristen, after all, they are the ones who have to wear them daily.