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I am a Christian. I am a loving wife to my Army-National-Guard-Recruiter-Husband of 15 years. I am a stay-at-home-mother to our four handsome sons. I am a photographer. My blog is about as erratic, eclectic and random as I am, painted with rainbows of photos and words that are hills and valleys you travel; so lovely sometimes that they hurt you. These are the stories of how far we've come in the last 15 years as Christians, as a family and as individuals.

Sunday, May 31, 2009


I have been so wrapped up in the wedding that I completely failed to post about Tristen's and Seth's guitar recital held May 19, 2009! I took video footage and hope to find a way to get it on here to share very soon, in the meantime, enjoy these photos.
Garrett held the tuner while the music teacher checked the guitars for propper tuning.
Getting ready for the bog show.

Tristen B Logo Seth J Logo

They played two songs; Ode To Joy and Au Clair De La Lune

The steel strings and nylon strings played together created a beautiful sound!

I was so proud of them! Only one mistake out of two songs! ALL of the students performing in this recital were on the piano, these boys were the only ones brave enough to tackle the guitar! Everyone loved the change of pace!

That's right, take a bow!

The boys and their music teacher, Mrs. Sandee Quintana.

Mrs. Sandee said they are proffessional musicians now, since they got PAID for this gig!

Friday, May 8, 2009

Leave of Absence {2}

Ok, so April was a busy month and I didn't blog AT ALL! I am so sorry for leaving you all hanging. I can't even remember what all happened in April but I can tell you that my Mom came to visit and we had a great time. She's still in California and we'll be seeing each other again next weekend for Tristen's and Seth's guitar recital.

Last weekend was my neighbor's wedding... I got some great shots! I am very pleased with myself! I posted a sneak peek of her "pre-wedding" photos and have been working diligently on editing the rest (they'll be up soon). I am learning to edit video too... Mom was able to video the wedding (a last minute addition) and I want it to be edited and available to show at the formal reception (being held May 23) in addition to a slide show of the wedding photos.

This weekend is Mother's Day and I don't have any plans... which is nice! I've been so busy, coming and going that a restful weekend will be the best thing I could receive for Mother's Day.
The photos posted are from the Laguna Beach Inn and the specific beach location of the wedding. Enjoy!