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Friday, April 29, 2011

A Special Graduation {Tae Kwan Do} Garrett

Instructor Rhee began an introduction to Tae Kwan Do program at Discovery and Garrett was the first of the Logo boys to attend and graduate from this class.  Who knew he'd love Tae Kwan Do so much?!  Garrett was one of the few (by comparsisson) students who completed the class to show up for the graduation ceremony.  He was on time and showed respect throughout the entire thing!  Brad and I were (are) so proud of him!  He has shown a tremendous growth in just four 30 minute classes at school. 
If you think your child or grandchild would be interested in learning Tae Kwan Do, Instructor Rhee is doing a fund raiser through Discovery for 4 weeks of Tae Kwan Do for just $89.00 - unlimitted access to the studio!  All four of my boys want to participate in the fund raiser that will benefit their school, but Garrett wants to go until he becomes a black belt!  Instructor Rhee says with the right kind of discipline he could accomplish that goal in as little as three years!
Showing off the moves he learned.
And then he gets to show off his real skillzzz -
He broke a board with his bare fist!
and then his head!  (just kidding!)
Last but not least he received his new belt and certificate which is now lovingly framed and in his room awaiting many more like it!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Happy Easter {2011}

VVC Performing Arts Department hosted an Easter Bash Saturday and a bible study friend invited us to go so Brad & I took the boys. 
They had a free egg hunt!
These boys got tons of candy and money!
Sack races!
Coloring contest and button making.
Face painting
Train rides!
And a multitude of other games with prizes!  We had such a blast!  We did not have any traditional plans for Easter Sunday other than going to church (I wasn't even going to have Easter baskets for the boys) but Saturday morning at the college got me so motivated that I went to the dollar store to put baskets together, went to the grocery store and got a small ham & eggs to "devil" along with other traditional Easter dinner fixings.
I set the baskets out after church and let the boys play with their water guns, badmitton rackets, bubbles, sling shots, butterfly nets, magnifying glasses and other toys that will get them outside while I prepared dinner.

"Bumble" Hayden's new stuffed pet.  Hayden outside looking for creatures with his magnifying glass to capture and give a new home!
Rollie Pollies are the best!
While I was cooking dinner and the boys were out front playing with their new things, Brad was out back hiding 98 candy-filled eggs for the boys to hunt after we eat!
Between the six of us we found 97 eggs.  Better than last year! LOL!

During our meal we discussed the real reason we celebrate Easter, Christ's death on the cross and the reasons for it and how he rose again. I found out that Seth is not the only son of ours who has prayed the prayer of Salvation, Tristen has also prayed to accept Jesus' sacrifice on the cross for eternal life.  We discussed that it's not enough to just pray the prayer, but they also need to build a real relationship with God.  Garrett is still a bit confused about it all but he says he "will want to pray for salvation soon, maybe tonight."  We asked that he let us know if/when he chooses to and offered to pray with him if he'd like.  God has done such an amazing work in my family!  We have all come so far in our walks with the Lord!  Brad even expressed his excitement over the next series HDC will be starting this Sunday!  A year ago he wasn't even attending church with us! 

Monday morning the fun was still being had (yes, before school)!  They made up new games to play with their badmitton rackets and bubbles!
Sorry it took me nearly a week to post... hope you all find it worth the wait!
Happy Easter All - He is Risen!