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Monday, October 22, 2012

June - LegoLand!

The boys and I along with Mom/Nana began our Summer in San Diego with a week-long pass to LegoLand, LegoLand Water Park & LegoLand SeaLife Park!  Thanks Nana!!

Brad joined us for the first couple of days (it was Father's Day weekend).  Here are some of my favorite photos - it was so hard to narrow these down, there were over 200 taken!
Day 1
These are made completely out of Legos!
we liked the little "villages"
We all marveled at the star Wars section... so much detail!
 We went to The Hideaways and had a BLAST!  So wish we could have this in our backyard! 
Brad acts all normal, but as soon as he thinks the camera is off...
There's a big kid in all of us!
 The boys were going to scare Brad when he got down the slide, but he got stuck!  They cracked up over it for what semes like hours!
Car wash?  Human wash!  LOL!
 These boys are both coming up on a birthday so we took an early celebration photo!
It was too convinient not to!
The little guys went on this "Knight's Ride" - Hayden was afraid at first but here's proof that he got over his fear!
A roller coaster!
hayden wanted to ride this, i don't rememer what it was called but this seat was attached to the end of an arm that climbs up into the air and the seat flips and turns!  They had different speeds, Brad & Hayden went on easy...
Mom & I went on extreme!  She was so nervous!!!
Hayden finds beauty in all things!      Hayden being our tour guide!
 You tell me... who won?
I'm just sayin'
 This ride took us all the way up and bounced us on the way down... it gave us all the giggles.
Taking a break with Dad
 We visited both LegoLand and LegoLand SeaLife the first day!
Look Ma' I'm a captain!
 This room was great!  We saw sharks swimming overhead!  Too bad I did't get a picture of that!
 It's insane what all they've made of Legos here!
Day 2
Since Brad's choice for Father's Day involved the beach, not another day at LegoLand, we skipped a day, but he had to go back to work and we went back to the park!
 The floor would shake - we were shocked!
 he's so yummy!
Pictures like this makes me really wish my memory were better.  Looks like we were having a great conversation!
 You have no idea how many times I've tried to get a picture of Hayden's creapy crazy arms!
we were waiting in the longest line for the log ride...
We got SOAKED - we really didn't expect that! 
Had fun, we did!