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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Science Fair

Tristen wanted to participate in this year's Science Fair at his school so he asks Brad to help him with a project.

They collectively searched the internet and came up with this... a telegraph. Tristen practiced learning Morse Code; mostly just his name and the names of family members.

The projects were jugded but he didn't place.

Don't feel bad, he doesn't. It wasn't about winning anyway, it was about doing this with his Dad.

Doesn't he just look so proud?


ryan said...

i'll never forget when i made a hovering vacuum cleaner for my science project. it must have been around the time of back to the future 2. my dad pretty much made the whole vacuum model myself cause he;s crafty like that. but what really got to me was when the judges didn't believe that i drew the pictures.

i always thought morse code would be so cool to know.

debby said...

Most impressive!

Me and Mine said...

That looks very cool! I wish I could have been there to see it. I would've loved to learn some morse code. I bet they had a blast figuring all this out and making it work. Lily just did a science project at school and she is looking forward to doing her own (they did it as a class) next year.