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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

{October} End

I have a ton of pictures from the boys' Halloween fun at their prospective schools but haven't gotten around to editing or resizing them and it's keeping me from continuing to blog so I'll post the raw photos here and you'll just have to adjust! LOL! 

Brad and I both volunteered at Hayden's school, Kaleidescope Children's Center, for thier "Fall Carnival" (but I was still able to cature a ton of shots 'cause I'm cool like that)!
 It was real neat the way they had it all set up.  The kids had made their own bags in advance and played games for prizes and candy to fill them with!
 Brad worked the fishing booth while I worked on the egg toss.
 The games were easy enough and helped build possitive self-esteem because the kids were able to accomplish the simple tasks without help.
 Hayden got a lot of stuff and had a good time!  We all did!

Meanwhile, at Discovery Schoool of the Arts, Tristen and his group of K-Kids were diligently working on their Haunted House that was to be a main attraction at the Second Annual Trunk or Treat event! 

The line was long but it was moving quickly.  They had vendors and a DJ too!  It was awesome!
 This little girl sorta invited herself to walk with us, aparently she and Garrett are chums.  It was so cute watching them interact.
 We put our names in the drawing for free Tae Kwon Do AND WON!!!  For the WHOLE FAMILY!!!  And Sonic was there handing out coupons for FREE drinks!!!
We finished trunk or treating for candy then hit up the carmel apple vendor!!!  We got to make our own!

 Tristen was finally released from duty in the Haunted House and found us eating our apples... 
 But when we told him we had filled his bag in his stead he was thrilled and started dancing around and singing that he gets all the candy with none of the work! 
 Then he went and made his carmel apple and we headed home with smiles on our faces.
Two days later we trunk or treated at HDC and enjoyed an illusionist's show.  We never did go door-to-door so explain to me why we had candy coming out of our ears!!!!

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it all looks like fun !