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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Annual Veteran's Christmas Party {and Hayden sings carols}

Each year Mrs. Broom (an amazing woman/teacher) hosts a Christmas Party for our local veterans and veteran parents of our schools (Discovery) attendees (yep, that includes our own personal soldier, Brad/Dad) to honor them and recognize and appreciate their past, present and future sacrifices.  Well, this year, Brad surprised her with a certificate of appreciation and award for her unwavering support.  She was brought to tears and very humbled and honored that after all these years, she's being recognized for her loyalty. 

Mr. Galvez was there, of course, with the K-Kids who sang beautiful Christmas carols for the veterans to enjoy.
In addition to presenting Mrs. Broom with a personal certificate and award, Brad also presented Discovery School of the Arts with a certificate and award for allowing Mrs. Broom to support our local troops because without their approval she wouldn't be able to do all she does.  Mr. Galvez accepted on behalf of the school.
The veterans and their families gave a standing ovation and an abundant round of applause.

The next morning, Hayden and his class performed Christmas carols out in the cold for all their parents.


Anonymous said...

how nice ! im sure that made her day .

Me and Mine said...

LOVE the reindeer hats! So sweet of Brad to stand up and honor the teacher and the school. I bet they will display it proudly.

Anonymous said...

i think this was sweet ! im sure yall made her day .