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Thursday, June 4, 2009

Top Chef

Tristen went to "career day" at school last week (yeah, in 4th grade) and after listening to a speaker the students were given the assignment to choose a career and do a report on it. Tristen chose a Chef and part of his report was to cook something. He wanted to learn how to make his own omlet so I told him what to do and the rest was up to him, the pictures tell the story and show the end result.

"First, one must wash their hands."

I told him to get out the eggs, cheese and ham, then whip the eggs in a bowl and put them in a hot pan.

Once the eggs look cooked, add the cheese and ham to one side.

Fold the egg over and put on a plate.

And he sure DID! He used three eggs and you saw how much cheese and ham he put on there! He ate it all and loved it! Now he offers to help with dinner almost every night and I am enjoying teaching him how to cook.


Sabrina said...

that's awesome! great job! i had an omelet for breakfast this morning... i should have had Tristen over to make me one :)

Me and Mine said...

Congratulations Tristen! Cooking is a fine art and who better to teach you than your Mama? She is the best cook I know. (Especially when you have picky eaters and a tight budget, lol!)