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I am a Christian. I am a loving wife to my Army-National-Guard-Recruiter-Husband of 15 years. I am a stay-at-home-mother to our four handsome sons. I am a photographer. My blog is about as erratic, eclectic and random as I am, painted with rainbows of photos and words that are hills and valleys you travel; so lovely sometimes that they hurt you. These are the stories of how far we've come in the last 15 years as Christians, as a family and as individuals.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Leave of Absence {3}

First I'd like to appologize for being MIA for over a month! Please forgive me, life changes so drastically for me as the boys make the transition back to school. I've also had house guests (who will continue to be here until the end of September so bear with me a bit longer, please). I can't believe I'm doing this (at such a late date) but here goes:
My boys ~ the first day of school ~ September 8, 2009
Tristen Bradley Logo ~ 10 years old
Tristen is in the fifth grade and has already recieved his schedule. They put him in Leadership the first semester and if he gets elected he'll be on the student councel board and stay in Leadership all year! We're so proud of him!
Seth Jackson Logo ~ 8 years old
Garrett Michael Logo ~ 7 years old
Hayden Rhys Logo ~ 3 years old
An aside: My wonderful husband got his long-awaited promotion! Praise God!


Ash said...

awesome on the promotion! Cute pictures of the boys. What happened to Seth?

Ash said...

oh, nevermind now he's there. weird!

debby said...

Good-lookin' boys, which is really no surprise when you consider who their parents are! Congrats to Brad on the promotion!

Anonymous said...

Wow ! they grow so fast. you'll be buying Tristen a car soon. Ha!