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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Smoke and Fire

It's when the kids are quiet that one should worry, right? Well, yesterday I was enjoying a very quiet afternoon. This is what I found later:

Yes! I was so scared and worried but couldn't get too mad at Hayden, somehow, I'm made it three years without ever having to tell him not to play with the fire on burning candles! I went online and showed him pictures of the damage fire can cause and he was scared straight, I hope. Everything turned out ok, I threw the towel away and put a baking soda and water paste on his burned flesh (don't freak out, it was VERY small).

Don't take for granted that your child knows something, tell them! Tell them fire is bad, not to smoke or do drugs... don't leave these things left unsaid or for someone else to say; even worse, don't let them learn the hard way!


Jena said...

So true, so true. [Glad it wasn't worse and no one was really hurt or there wasn't any major damage done.]

Anonymous said...

I haven't thought to tell Emily not touch fire in the house . We have talked about it outside when we build a fire . And about the stove. Did you spank him or does he on how bad this is? I hope he learn from it.

Anonymous said...

love the baby photos . Thay was so sweat.

love Delana

Anonymous said...

sorry you was having a bad day when I called .