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Friday, October 30, 2009

September {Part 2} - Grandparent's Day

We spent this day at Scandia playing miniature golf, riding bumper boats and racing on the tracks. There was a lot of beautiful backdrops and Mom had asked me to do a photoshoot of her, Jim and the boys so we kind-of improvised since Jim was only here for 3 days and made this into a shoot of sorts. There were so many to choose from and since I'm so behind anyway, I'll just post some of my faves and move on. (Mom, you have all of them already).

I caught Mom & Jim being sweet and mushy so I captured some of that realness, this sepia one is my FAVE!
Tristen got drenched on the boats!

Hayden was sad that he couldn't ride the race cars so Nana took him inside to play some games and win tickets for prizes! That made him happy!

This was his favorite game and he was good at it! He had to smack the alligator heads as they came out chomping.
LOL, Dance, dance revolution!
Garrett and Papaw (Jim)
Seth & Brad
Garrett & me
Tristen was tall enough to ride solo!

We had a great but far too short visit with Mom AND Jim, he had to leave for work but Mom extended her stay for 2 weeks! I was thrilled! We read about 3 books together, sewed some shirts, inspired each other to get back on a healthy diet and exercise plan and enforced it together with daily routines and healthy competition. It was a great extended visit and I'm so glad she was able to stay!

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