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Friday, August 19, 2011

A Family Gathering in San Diego!!

I don't get to visit my local SoCal family very often, but we were invited to visit while my cousin, Ashley and her family were in town from Minesota.
It was so great to see everyone again!
Aunt Deb (thank you for hosting)                               Kelby, you're beautiful!
                 Alex, it was great meeting you            Krista, why wouldn't you let me take your picture?
 Jenna, you are like a fish!
 Marah, how cute are you?!
 Krista & Kelby having fun in the pool!                  Ashley & me making fun at the camera!
 Kelby is probably sick of hearing how much she looks like her mom!
Stacey & Ashley, Ashley steals a kiss, Stacey calls the third pose the "dinosaur head" and Ashley calls the fourth the "Facebook pose."

 Stacey - newly engaged!
To this guy - Charlie!
Krista - I got one!!!
 The guys were cracking Brad up!! 
 Seriously beautiful, Kelby!
 Another newly engaged cousin, Ryan.
 Ashley's husband, Eric - he's hilarious!
 Uncle Gene & Garrett keeping warm by the fire when the night chill rolled in (and lets not leave out their four legged companion).
 Stacey & Charlie (holding hands)
 Hayden sneeking a taste of a s'more that Ryan made for him.
 Seth & Marah know for sure they like s'mores!
 Uncle Gene & Ryan (father & son) roasting marshmellows & making s'mores for everyone.
 Just look at those faces, they must be related!  LOL!
 Eric tries to get the party started
 With a skit to include peeing in his pants!
 Charlie & Stacey - what a cute couple - Eric wants in on the action!
 Eric says, "Charlie, marry me instead!"  LOL!
 Brad, ever the hit with the kids, teaching Marah a hand game.
 We weren't able to visit for too long but we had a wonderful time seeing everyone again (and meeting some).  Thanks so much for including us!

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Sabrina said...

Fantastic way to document this! Thank you for sharing :)Great Job, Mandy!