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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

A Grand Time at Scandia {and other fine places}

As a surprise Mom & Jim flew out to California for a weekend to celebrate one of Jim's closest friend's retirement.  While only here for a weekend, they did manage to spend quite a bit of time with us (although they stayed with Lauren & Nathan at their new place).  We met for breakfast at Coco's, spent time at Lauren's one evening (but I wasn't feeling 100% so we left early) and we spent Monday (no school, yay!) paroozing the Ontario Mills Mall, riding rides at Scandia and enjoying delicious Cold Stone Ice Cream!

Hayden kept us all entertained while we waited for our food to be served (this is his "giant fly face") HAHA!
 He and Tristen rubbed our silverware together to create magnets (something he learned at school)!
Jim cuddled up with his grandson.
 Mom took the photos!! (see in the mirror behind us?)
 Seth nad Ryan had a blast playing peek-a-boo! (Seth is SO good with children - a great father-in-the-making!)
 Later... At Nathan & Lauren's house... Tristen played with Ryan...
 And Nana, Hayd & Tristen played Tumblin' Monkeys...
 Everyone enjoyed Phase 10 Twist...
 Ryan got fed...
 Isn't she lovely?
 Brad helps Garrett stragegize with Phase 10

 Pumpkin pie, Hayden?
Funny how Mom can come to visit for a month or longer and doesn't find time to get together with Roz but when here for 3 days (Jim in tow) Roz comes over!  LOL!
Hayden & Garrett took straight to the rides... a train!
 Tristen (far back row, left side of picture), Jim & Seth dared the big roller coaster!
 Up, up, up we go!!
 I'm laughing so hard at how scared Tristen looks!!!
 Then Mom & I had to show them how it's done!!
What fun!!!
 Hayden & Brad opted for the little roller coaster.
He's ready, ecited even... he has no idea what to expect.
 The look on his face seems to say he over estimated the "fun" and underestimated the "danger."
 But his daddy kept him safe and he began to enjoy the ride.
 As they pulled to a stop he showed me just how scary it was!
 From then on he only wanted to ride rides with his daddy.
He showed a bit of nervousness as they went up, up, up... but he knew he was safe with Dad's arms around him!
 Seth talked Hayden into riding with him, I truly don't think anyone else would've been able to pull that off!
 Garrett made Papaw stuff into the flying contrapment with him!
 Now we're heading to the other side of the park to race cars and get soaked on the bumper boats!
 While the boys are on the bumper boats I snuck some pics of Mom & Jim being sweet to each other!!
Water Wars!!!
 Hayden was too small to get in the bumper boats and while he waited for their turn to end, he looked so pathetic and adorable!
 His mood brightened pretty quick when he got in the race car though!
Boys NEVER grow up!!  I loved seeing them having so much fun!
 Candid shot of my young man.  So serious, So handsome.
 But he bounces!
 I quite like this shot of me... not sure if Mom took it or Seth, he did have my camera quite a bit!
 My assistant!
Now that the tickets have been spent and much fun has been had... we head home, but not before stopping for some of the best mixtures of ice cream shakes, ice cream and toppings I've had in my entire life at Cold Stone!
What a wonderful (although short) visit - proof that it's quality NOT quanity time that means the most!
I love you all!

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Ashley said...

wow! What a lot of pics! Loved looking at them :) My gosh, that pic of you and brad at the restaurant that your mom took, you look soooo much like Grandma!
Really, great pics. Competely captured all the fun that you guys had.