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I am a Christian. I am a loving wife to my Army-National-Guard-Recruiter-Husband of 15 years. I am a stay-at-home-mother to our four handsome sons. I am a photographer. My blog is about as erratic, eclectic and random as I am, painted with rainbows of photos and words that are hills and valleys you travel; so lovely sometimes that they hurt you. These are the stories of how far we've come in the last 15 years as Christians, as a family and as individuals.

Monday, October 31, 2011

October - Logo Style

You may already be well aware, but each year we visit Frazier's U-Pick Pumpkin Patch  as we enter the holiday season.  Please forgive my abruptness for shoving all of October into one post as I am playing catch-up and am mostly trying to get the photos on here.  If a particular photo needs a story to go with it to explain why it was taken, never-you-fear, a story you will hear!
*Brad says Tristen looks like a stressed out Baseball coach in these next two*
 Seth really loves photography, maybe I'll get him his own camera for Christmas or something!
Just to have proof he was there (as always he hated having his picture taken)
 ^^Seth took that one next to Brad - that's why he's not in it!^^
 Now, how come the lighting in this one is so much better?  LOL!  Taken only seconds later (and from further away)
Halloween - Discovery and HDC
I do believe these speak for themselves - just some shots of our evenings out "Trunk-or-Treating"
 The principal & my God-Daughter, Alaura
Violet with Hayden & Hayden with his best friend, Dylan from his class.
Me & My bestie, Fotima Hall - she's no fun, she didn't dress up!
 Will, Tristen's friend from school & church (on the left)
Brad, Tristen & Seth entered a pie-eating contest at HDC - they did not win, unless you count the slobber-filled pie!  LOL! (GROSS)
Make that a hair-filled pie! 
Happy October all!

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