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Saturday, January 9, 2010

A Complete Spectacle

A few years ago Garrett (our third-born) went to the optometrist and tested at 20/30 vision.  He was too young for glasses (according to the doctor; he was 4) and his sight would "most likely correct itself."  I was most worried about the "off-chance" that it would get worse since this was a critical time in his life having just started pre-school and would soon be learning to read.

Last week he went to his Primary Care Physician and during his physical the doctor noticed his vision was poor; about 20/50 in his opinion.  After receiving approval from our insurance company we scheduled an eye exam for this morning where we found out Garrett is near-sighted and needs glasses.  He tested 20/30 with astigmatism in his left eye and 20/40 in his right eye.  He will need to wear his glasses at all times (obviously not when he's sleeping). 

He was nervous during the exam and did NOT like having air puffed into his eyes!  But he was a trooper and after 3 tries, they got a good read.  I was on the verge of tears when he'd read "Z"s as "I"s and "K"s as "R"s but I know there's nothing I did wrong or could've done differently (except maybe take him in more frequently, however, he never complained about his sight).  I learned that he often times sees double and has watery eyes while in class at school.  I just praise God that we are in a financial position to get him glasses right now; vision is not a part of our insurance plan so we will be adding it soon!  His glasses cost us $230!  Who knew they'd be so expensive?  Well, hopefully they look worth it!  He's happy to "look smarter" and I'm happy to find out his academic level may be where it is due to his sight, not his ability (or my lack of something)!  These are the frames he picked, they will be available for pick-up within 10 days!


Anonymous said...

Garrett thay look graet on you!!!!! Very Smart Looking !!!

Anonymous said...

sorry grate