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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Our rainy-day happenings

 Origami - the Japanese art of folding paper into shapes representing objects > this would be the boys' favorite new thing.  I was headed to the craft store for some items to keep us entertained while couped up over the long, rainy weekend without Brad and the boys asked for Origami Paper (I didn't realize there was special paper to fold but, I found it and when we got home they went to town!).
I'm so proud of Garrett, he's always been so hard on himself when he can't get something just perfect (I have no idea where he gets that ; )) but he was just having a good time instead of stressing.
(I don't know how but I failed to get a picture of his creation)
I think all of this Origami stuff was Seth's idea in the first place.  He's always been the most creative of the four boys, and LOVES to teach the others!
Seth's creation: (Garrett's was like this)
Tristen was at the computer getting step-by-step directions on how to make something special as a gift for Valentine's Day!
Tristen's creation:  LOL!  A secret!  He even put it in an Origami gift box!
 In the meantime:  Hayden danced around from brother to brother marveling over their projects.
Garrett goofing off with Hayden in between folds.
Hayden stood behind Seth with his arm around his neck while Seth folded his papers without stopping, I tried to get the candid shot off but they turned to see what I was doing before I could capture it, this turned out nice too though.
They went on like this all day!  The T.V. wasn't turned on, no X-Box, no DS, and best of all

I am one blessed Momma!


Anonymous said...

looks like a good time . i cant do origami . good they wanted to do a craft .

Jimmy Gather said...

It's good you keep the boys creative side going. Garrett's perfection wouldn't come from his nana would it LOL
Seth's hair looks great - mine was long like that when I was a kid (longer).
Tell them all Papaw says hi and to keep in touch. Maybe they could write their own blog?

Diane said...

Thanks for keeping us posted on the boys and you. I love these blogs! Okay, so....Garrett is like me? Is that what Jim is saying? LOL
Seth looks more like Bonnie every day! Unbelievable!
Tristen is getting so big, can't believe I actually thought he was turning into a teenager this year! LOL
And my Hayden ... What A Cutie! He is so full of life!
Thanks for including a pic of Kaysar too. He looks great.
Glad the boys enjoyed their time indoors during the bad weather and accomplished something, no fighting, and no electronics! LOL

Jena said...

Looks as if the boys are as talented as their mother. They did a great job. I've always liked the art of origami, but have never gotten the hang of it myself. Looks like fun, I should give it another try.