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Wednesday, January 13, 2010


The optomatrist called yesterday and Garrett's glasses were in and available for pick up!  Talk about customer service, right?  That was speedy-quick! I took Garrett immediately after school to get them... he was so excited!  The first thing he said when he put them on was, "Hey Mom!  I can read that green and white box over there!  It says 'Opti-Free!'  I thought it was just a green and white box!"  OH! MY! GOSH!  I was near crumbling inside!  I was so happy for him and yet devistated at the same time!  I had NO IDEA how much he struggled with his vision!  All the way home he made comments like that! 
When we got home, he went straight to work on his homework and said he could get used to this!  He actually read THREE chapters when his assignment only called for two!  He only complained once about them hurting his ears, but I told him it's something he'll have to get used to, gave him a half dose of tylenol and he went back to work without further complaint. 
Garrett said he thinks the glasses make him smarter.  I assured him that he's had the capability all along, the glasses just help him accomplish what he once could not due to his poor eyesight.  He smiled so BIG!  When he was putting his things away in his backpack he looked up at me (clear on the other side of the house down a darkened hallway) and said, "Hey Mom!  I can see you!  Thanks for getting me glasses."


Sandra said...

First I want to thank you for delurking at my blog :)

Secondly, this post made me smile because just a few weeks ago I went through the exact same thing with both my kids, but mainly my 6 year old who had never complained about not seeing well. The first thing he did when he put on his glasses was say "wow I can read everything and it looks so clear".

I felt awful, like how in the world was I not aware he had been struggling all along. But you know it's like the doctor explained, they don't know any better so they think what they're seeing is normal.


Anonymous said...

I just read this post and it made me cry! Sweet little Garrett, none of us KNEW!
So very glad you are such a consiencious mommy! Give Garrett my love and tell him I think the glasses make him LOOK smarter but he has always been smart (just like you said)
- Mom/Nana

Kellie Williams said...

My Tristin was devistated last year when she had to get glasses!!! She thought for sure "everyone's gonna pick on me!" We didn't know she needed glasses because she (like me) has 20/20 vision but since they could not figure out what was triggering her migraines I decided to take her to my Optomotrist. She is "far sighted" and has astigmatism (apparently and inherited trait from my Dad). So now we can both wear almost the exact same prescription. Thankfully she doesn't have the migraines as often as she used to. I am soo happy for him!!! I know it is such a relief!

Sabrina said...

those are awesome looking glasses! great choice! he's definitely a cutie!! ;)

Anonymous said...

guess what I found some me time & walked 1 mile . uh felt it ! ooh no letter yet. DB