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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

{May 12} The Big Day {part one}

Another surprise for the Bride:
(I rotated this but it's still posting sideways, sorry, I tried)
Please tilt your head to the left and proceed.
Not only did we (Mom, Bonnie, & soon-to-be mother-in-law, Susie) break in to "Bride"nap April for a Bachelorette Breakfast - since we couldn't throw her a Bachelorette Party (I'll tell you why in a second), we showed up with another surprise guest! Our other sister, Lauren, was also able to join us from California! (we couldn't have a Bachelorette Party without all of us, now could we?)
We took April to one of hers & Bonnie's favorite restaurants:
(just for fun: are people in Texas really this slow?)
Here we enjoyed the biggest pancakes in the world! (everything is bigger in Texas, I guess)
I'm not sure you could hear, but in the video April was refusing to be "bride-napped" until she'd had some coffee... she's happy now!
While we were here, April took the opportunity to dole out gifts she had purchased for those of us who'd help in the wedding planning process.
I'm not sure what was given to Susie (sorry, bad memory & no photo)
Mom received a tear bottle; a symbolic gift of love
Bonnie & I received matching key-to-my-heart sisterly love necklaces!
Thank you SISTER!!!  It was all MY PLEASURE!  I LOVE YOU SO!

Now that all the sappy stuff is over with... funny story time!
So, we were seated near one of the front windows, behind the entrance where unfortunately there was no screen on the door.  Every time a new patron would enter they held the door open for the flies.  Of course, once trapped inside, the flies frantically looked for an escape... MY WINDOW, which was of course closed.  They didn't mind attempting to grab a snack in their distraction though, but I wasn't having it!  I grabbed a nearby napkin and started taking them down one at a time!
I was determined to get them all!
Until inevitably...
Just as Susie was saying, "at least you're just killing flies, not breaki..."  Thanks alot, Susie!  And I thought I was the Jinks (pun intended)!

So we all stood there dumbfounded. Until our brilliant waitress bursts out with, "was that the baby?"

We couldn't help ourselves... we all just about died laughing!  I mean, really?

Ok, so, all joking aside, no one was hurt in the breaking of this window (other than the flies, of course) and all repair costs were covered by the insurance carried by this lovely establishment.  In fact the owner had just one question, "Did she kill the fly?"  However, that doesn't mean Bonnie & April won't have to wait for some time before being able to enter one of their favorite places without hanging their heads in shame over lit'l'ole me and some dead flies. 
Let's just say, it won't soon be forgotten by any of us!  Leave it to me to insure that this Bachelorette Breakfast was a memorable one!
Happy Wedding Day!


Diane said...

ROFLMAO .... This WAS hilarious. Mind you we HAVE been back to this wonderful extablishment. Good times, good times!

Jilleneangel said...

OMG.. that picture of me with the SO FAKE surprised look at the present is hilarious!

Mom, I haven't been back there since then. When did you go?

Diane said...

I went with April, Jim and the girls when Jim was here. We told Jim the whole story and showed him where we sat and everything....LOL

The Path Traveled said...

Looks like yall had so much fun! I loved following along with you and your family.