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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

{May 9-11}

Well, as you can see by the title, I'm back to playing catch-up!  So much has been going on, my life just got so busy, some things had to be neglected... I'm so sorry blog family for neglecting you!

Ok, I mentioned a surprise trip I was taking in the last post... well here it is! My little sister, April and her boyfriend of nine and a half years, Adam, have been through just about everything together, they've been together since they we teenagers and they have two beautiful daughters together. They have struggled through some hard times and enjoyed plenty of good times and now, just before Adam heads to Afghanistan for his new position at BAE systems as an Aerotek contractor they are FINALLY getting married!  Too bad there wasn't much time for planning, and with school in session still, April was under the impression that not many people (myself included) would be in attendance.  So I surprised her!

I video taped me walking out from my phone while Bonnie and Mom (they were in on it) took pictures!
(please ignore my hair (for the remainder of this "trip"); I am, afterall, in Texas)
Since I arrived in the early evening we were able to spend some time eating, laughing and catching up before "hittin' the sack (as they say in Texas) 'cause we were gittin' up at the butt-crack 'a dawn to tend to the horses!"
Mom's horse: Davis Indian "Indy" & me
April's horse: Rebel (on the left) & another horse on the ranch who's name I don't know! haha!
Jimi & Ryder with Diamond (Bonnie & Jimi's horse)
Adam with another ranch horse
There were horses of all shapes and sizes literally coming out of the woodwork!
April & Mom brushing Indy
Mom loving on her horse
THAT'S RIGHT!  I rode a horse!
...and so did Mom

After an early (and long) morning at Devon's Ranch we finally went out for some grub (right, Adam?)

Later that evening we all went to Lost Pines Elementary School to watch Lily perform in her school's rendition of The Frog Prince
Lillian was a squirrel and Liberty dressed up for the occasion (she put her make-up on)

So that's what happened in the three days I was in Texas prior to the main event!  Tune in again for more on the Winder Wedding!


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April Winder said...

Wow! that sums it up quickly. I would've been writing for days! Lol! It was a great suprise to have you here. Also, Suesies gift was a glass seashell. She loves the ocean so much I thought it would be nice. Plus, it said something about mother in laws and how it's ice that we are so close considering your typical mother in law is one you don't ant to be around. Suesie is definitely not typical!