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Friday, April 29, 2011

A Special Graduation {Tae Kwan Do} Garrett

Instructor Rhee began an introduction to Tae Kwan Do program at Discovery and Garrett was the first of the Logo boys to attend and graduate from this class.  Who knew he'd love Tae Kwan Do so much?!  Garrett was one of the few (by comparsisson) students who completed the class to show up for the graduation ceremony.  He was on time and showed respect throughout the entire thing!  Brad and I were (are) so proud of him!  He has shown a tremendous growth in just four 30 minute classes at school. 
If you think your child or grandchild would be interested in learning Tae Kwan Do, Instructor Rhee is doing a fund raiser through Discovery for 4 weeks of Tae Kwan Do for just $89.00 - unlimitted access to the studio!  All four of my boys want to participate in the fund raiser that will benefit their school, but Garrett wants to go until he becomes a black belt!  Instructor Rhee says with the right kind of discipline he could accomplish that goal in as little as three years!
Showing off the moves he learned.
And then he gets to show off his real skillzzz -
He broke a board with his bare fist!
and then his head!  (just kidding!)
Last but not least he received his new belt and certificate which is now lovingly framed and in his room awaiting many more like it!


The Path Traveled said...

How nice! Now you have your own personal body guard.

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad he has found something he loves to do !

Jena said...

Congrats to Garrett. You have a family of graduates Amanda.