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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Wow God Wednesday {#2}

My boys have been sick off and on now for two weeks, we just can't seem to shake it.  I'm sure most of you can sympathize with me when I say I've felt useless.  But God is ever-faithful to encourage me when I'm feeling that way so let me just share a "Wow, God" moment he gave me to boost my spirits and help me get through this and get my family through.

I've posted a blog before sharing that my eldest, Tristen, is a member of K-Kids at his school where they raise money to provide for needy in our community.  Well, for the last month or so they've been collecting donations & selling tickets to the local Maverick's game to raise money for three specific causes:  Carmen's Closet (a battered women's shelter), Moses House (a resource center for single mothers), & a local family whose 10-year-old child is struggling to oversome his cancer.

We bought tickets, sold tickets and collected a very generous donation (although I would've loved to be able to contribute more - these are such great causes).  When the group leader called to make sure Tristen would be in attendence for the K-Kids photo being submitted to the K-Kids magazine I dragged Tristen's sick self in for the photo.  Usually I wouldn't have but because he wasn't staying for the duration of the school day I got out of the car and planned to stay during the shoot so I could take
Tristen home with me right after. WELL - turns out they had no photographer! They were going to rely on cell phone photos or point & click snapshots so I stepped up to tell them I am a photographer and would love to capture the photograph for them to submit to the magazine.  I RUSHED home to get my camera and was able to take the shot that will be submitted to the K-Kids magazine AND most likely will make it into the school yearbook!!!!!!!!!! I'm SOOO STOKED!!! I am SO happy to be able to DONATE SOMETHING!!!! (even if it's not money - just my time/talent) and maybe I will be allowed to do more in the future! Wow, God!

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Anonymous said...

Wow ! How sweet ! I would like to give is it to late ?