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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Take Me Out to the Ball Game

In the previous post I mentioned that we bought tickets to the local Maverick's baseball game to support Discovery's K-Kid's cause.  Well, here are some photos of the fun we all had while there with half the town!!
Wooly Bully was signing autographs...
So the boys lined up!
Tristen & Garrett got their hands signed.
Seth got his shoe signed!
Hayden got his shirt signed!
(good thing it wasn't one of his "better" ones-they did not have permission for that!)
The boys spent the majority of the game standing in line at the consession booths or rolling down "the great hill" (sorry, no picture of that) with their school friends.

After the game they got to run the bases!
Just as they rounded third, Garrett shot out like a bullet! 
And ended up beat both Seth AND Hayden to home plate!
Tristen had injured his ankle rolling/running down "the great hill" so he wasn't going to run the bases, until he saw how much fun it was for his brothers!  He decided that he'd give it a try!
He took his time, limping a bit but he made it all the way around.
All the kids who ran the bases got an "Elementary Achievement Certificate" to Jack in the Box for a FREE kid's meal! ("Save your money for college" was written on them)
All-in-all it was a great night!  Thanks, Discovery, for getting all six of us out of the house as a family for under $50!!!  And what a (tripple) nice treat... the proceeds went to amazing causes and we even got dinner for the boys out of it (we'll spend those gift certs wisely and have another family outing some other time)!


Anonymous said...

It's good y'all got to get out as a family . My mom use to love Jack in the box ( yuck!!!!!! ) . We don't have that here anymore .

Jena said...

What fun! That just sounds so cool! (Yes, with a family of 6 it's hard to do anything that doesn't cost a fortune. - I totally understand!)