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Monday, July 4, 2011

How we spent our Independence Day

We spent our 4th of July with my husband, Brad, and his cousins - and all of their kids!
 Brad, Tristen, Hayden, Seth, Jacob, Nick, Mike, Sara, Zachary, Garrett & Jimmy
 Mike's son, Nick, had stitches in his leg and couldn't get in the pool either so he and Garrett made friends with each other really quickly.
Mike's other son, Jacob could and did get in the pool though!
 Brad, his cousin, Mike and (I was bound to forget some names - I'll get this straightened out but in the meantime, enjoy the rest of the blog)
 Our happy hosts, Jimmy & Christine Madden
 and their children, Sara & Zachary
 Let's not leave out their dog, Daisy.
 Brad & I made sure to cool off in the pool too.
(Forgive me, another failed attempt at remembering names - I do know that this lovely lady is Mike & Jimmy's cousin from their mom's side - Brad is related to them through their father) & Sammy (their neighbor's son)
 I just love Sammy's curls!
 We haven't spent much time with Brad's side of the family for various reasons but when the offer was extended to come celebrate Independence Day with the Madden's we jumped at the chance to reconnect!  After getting over our initial discomfort and introduction to some we'd never met, we all found ourselves mingling and socializing - we had such a great time! I love that the boys had the opportunity to meet  their relatives from their dad's side.
 Sara seemed fascinated by Garrett's cast and asked a multitude of questions.
 Zachary (three) is taking lessons and this is one of his very favorite "moves" - I think he was just showing off, haha!
 HA!  The showing off must run in the family!  Christine was doing back flips and round-offs off the side of the pool!
 A homeowners job is never done!
 Hayden & his Daddy
 Sara (in typical female fashion had to change halfway through the day)
 Zachary showing he's not afraid of going under!
 Zachary & Christine
 After watching Zach, Hayden attempted to jump in from the edge (he just wouldn't completely let go) it was hilarious to watch!
 That pool really got a workout that day!
 Jimmy is so good with the kids!  He loves them and they love him!
 Brad stole my camera periodically throughout the day and captured the "bathing beauties" - HA - Christine's neighbor, Faye, Christine, & Me!
 This was our view - gorgeous, blessed day!
Thank you, Jimmy & Christine for opening up your beautiful home to us!
We really should get together more often!

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