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Sunday, July 3, 2011

{June 21, 2011} Garrett is Nine

Garrett liked Tristen's and Seth's invitations so much he asked me to make a custom invitation for his party too.
(The address & phone number have been left out of this version on purpose)

Now for this year's traditional Walk Down Memory Lane

Garrett Michael Logo
born June 21, 2002
10:27 AM 7lbs, 11oz - 19 inches
(my biggest baby to date - oh the irony! today he is the smallest!)
 First Christmas 2002
 Garrett's favorite night time pal - we all thought they were twins!
 {ONE}  Garrett's first birthday!
 This blanket has been in the family since the day we brought Tristen home from the hospital in it.  We handed it down to Seth when we brought him home from the hospital in it and we followed suit when we brought Garrett home from the hospital in it - I think Garrett loved it most from day one!
It's his "blank" - See said "blank" today:
 It has REALLY been LOVED!  He refuses to let it go!  It goes without saying that he refused to let us hand this lovely thing down to Hayden when he came along in 2006 - Garrett compromised and said if I'd let him keep this blanket for himself, he'd help me pick out not one, but two lovely blankets for the new baby!  LOL! And so we did.
{TWO} well, just days before his second birthday!
{THREE} Pee-Wee Basketball
{FOUR} first day of pre-school
{FIVE} A Pirates of the Caribbean Birthday Celebration
September 2007
December 2007
Snaggle-Toothed at {SIX}
 This is the year I noticed Garrett making some significant changes:  Note the hair (just kidding!  It was crazy hair day at school - but his personality is finally beginning to show itself),
 the glasses,
 and the changes continue, note the silly bands,
 the interest in a sport I never would've considered for him, but love!
Sneak Peek:
 You want more?  Easy!  Just click here!
Sorry this post came late but, Garrett was too busy breaking himself to cooperate , we had to reschedule his birthday session!  I'm sure you all understand.

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