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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Wow God Wednesday {7}

This post is a two-for-one...  It's a Wow God moment as well as an update on my Garrett and his unfortunate accident - The Whole Story.

So, Garrett broke his arm pretty good, see? 
After Garrett's arm was broken Saturday, June 25 it took me a whole week to get the insurance to approve a follow-up appointment with Dr. Phipitanikul (Dr. "Pip") at Loma Linda. We went in July 1 to get a cast put on his arm and see what the damage was from a Pediatric Orthopedic Specialist's point of view.  More X-Rays were taken to get a closer look at it now that a week has passed.
They showed that his arm is growing back crooked/overlapped - "shortened" is the term the doctors used - but they assured us that since Garrett has a least 5 years of solid growing still to go, it very well may correct itself so... although surgery was a possibility, he doesn't want to jump on that train just yet. So we scheduled yet another follow-up appointment for July 8 (the day before we leave for our vacation).  The "no surgery, yet" status made Garrett a very happy boy! The surgery would involve re-breaking his arm, cutting it open to insert plexi-nails along the break to hold the bone in place while it heals then sewing him up and casting his arm - just to cut him open again to remove the nails upon completion of healing adding about two weeks to his entire healing process.
We learned that he'd had a cast on the whole time (praise God) and Dr. Pip recommended we just keep that one on until our next appointment (less stress for Garrett and less movement for his arm).
During the next week Garrett had his friends and family sign his cast.
July 8 we find ourselves back at Loma Linda - this time, the cast must come off before the X-Rays are taken... this made Garrett very nervous!  He couldn't even watch!
 He was very careful, he said it hurt and felt weird.
 The new X-Rays showed that the now "sticky" bone was in fact beginning to correct itself!  WOW GOD!!!  NO SURGERY!!!
 One more shot of his arm before they put a new cast on it.
As if all of that news wasn't good enough... they put a waterproof cast on Garrett's arm so he'll be able to FULLY enjoy his Summer and not be limited to all the fun to be had while we're on vacation!
Garrett said when the "sock" was pulled on, it hurt!
 They put a "munster" cast on, where it was cut on the inside of his elbow to allow for movement of his arm up or down, but still prevent twisting.

His color choices were slightly limited due to the "waterproof-ness" of the cast so he couldn't get his favorite color (blue) but he got this awesome florescent green that really stands out!

 Now that it's all over with (for now) he's ready to enjoy his Summer break (pun intended)!
 Next appointment is scheduled for August 12 - after TWO week-long vacations, meeting new family and tons of fun - where the cast will come off (most likely) for good and all of this will be behind us!


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