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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Projects from the past two weeks

Let's not forget about the framed chalkboards and table:
Now the new stuff...
Bibs, burp cloths & a nursing blanket
(I will have to get a pic of the mom using it so you'll get the whole idea; stay tuned, baby's due May 11)
A pillowcase dress and a matching flower clip (inspiration from here) for my niece, Lily, for her March 11 birthday.  Happy Birthday baby girl!  I love & miss you!
My Bible study group passed out cute little wooden signs (Welcome, Easter or Spring) as a "going away" gift since the session is now over.  Fotima (my preggo bestie) picked the welcome sign with my promise to paint it to match her female bundle of joy's room before her arrival...
After the baby is born I'll paint her name and birth date across the bottom in festive green but for now, I'm enjoying it combined with my Spring sign!
> yeah, I need to go get some brilliant orange for that sad pastel pink flower <
(adorable new coffee cup I picked up at Starbucks; it makes me smile)

You may remember at Christmas I made some plain looking T-shirts look fabulous with Twilight iron-ons... well, better late than never, I finally made and sent Mom hers for her December 29th birthday!  (Love you Mom)
And speaking of Twilight; another bag has been born!  This one measures 17 x 12 inches (much more like a tote than a purse) with a removalbe matching zippered pouch for the smaller items.  Custom made for and bought by another dear Twilight fan friend for her birthday >yep!  she bought herself a one-of-a-kind Amanda-made Twilight tote!
She picked the fabric and designed it around my original design seen here (along with the other Twilight shirts).
De-ba-dee-da-ba-da-That's All Folks!

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Anonymous said...

I like the pillow case dress .I like it when they use ribbon throw the top for the ties .It makes it so cute.