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Sunday, May 23, 2010

{ April 24-30 } Patience is a Virtue

I haven't seen my Dad, Papa, in six years.  My boys were just toddlers and babies (Hayden wasn't even born) the last time I saw him.  He moved from Arizona where we were able to visit 2-3 times a year, to Indiana where we were (obviously) unable to travel.  From there, he moved to New Mexico and went to trucking school.  Although New Mexico is close enough to travel to, his schedule was too full to have visitors and next thing you know he was on the road.  The truck took him many places where he was able to visit others for an hour, a day or a few days, but for some reason, it never brought him through California.
Until now!
He had to request a load that brought him out here, but I'm not complaining!  He was given three days to drive a short period of time which gave him an extra two days to spend with us!  His plan was to spend his "home time" here for three days but we got six!  He got here just in time for dinner on Saturday with Lauren and her boyfriend Nathan (who found out 4-22-10 they are having a baby, by the way, so a shout of congrats to them!), then karaoke!!!  I haven't gone to karaoke in a very long time (not counting a friend's birthday party the prior weekend that made me realize just how much I missed it)  Said friend, Amy even got Papa to sing a duet with her!  Papa sure knows how to make an impression, he hit it off with everyone!
Monday, after dropping the older boys off at school, Roz took Hayden for the day and I went with Papa to drop off his load in Rancho so he could start enjoying his "home time!"  It was so cool riding in that big rig and watching Papa at work.
As you know, (if you're a regular reader) Tristen & Seth have been learning to play the guitar so Papa brought his out and played for us.  He even tought Seth a song!  Seth wouldn't play with the video camera on him but here's a clip of me singing along with Papa to Patsy Cline/Willie Nelson - Crazy.
We all had a fantastic visit!  The boys fell in love with their Grampa and he fell for them!  They had such a tough time letting him get back on the road. 
We can't wait until the next time we get a visit from our traveling man.

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Ash said...

Oh man, those last pics of the hugs got me all choked up! I completely understand how it feels to be away so long and I know how heart breaking those good-bye hugs are for the grandkids. We haven't seen my parents and sisters in 4 years now. They haven't seen Marah since she was Alex's age and, obviously, haven't met Alex at all. It's tough. I feel for you <3