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Monday, May 24, 2010

{ May 5 }

I was telling Hayden all about a special surprize trip I'm about to take and mentioned horses; he wanted to see some horses too so I took him over to our friend, Amy's house to see hers.  She practically has a ranch right here in the middle of the high desert!  Enjoy the photos.

This goat would not leave Hayden alone!  He tried eating his hair and would stand in his way when he tried to walk away!  It was hilarious, Hayden wasn't scared though, just annoyed.
He liked the sound the chickens made, all day long he was mocking them, "ba-cock! ba-cock!"
Hayden, "I didn't know that's how eggs are born!"
Off we go!  This was fun!

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Ash said...

Oh, Hayden is so cute! I want to play with him :)