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Saturday, May 22, 2010

{ March 29 } AP's at it AGAIN!

Forgive me for posting March info in May but I figure it's like they say, better late then never.
Our little AP {Accident Prone, for those of you who may be new} broke his arm again. 
This time he was sitting on the coffee table eating a bowl of noodles when he leaned back failing to remember there was nothing there to protect him from falling and landed "just right" on his right elbow < yes, the same one as last time > breaking it at the joint again!  Thank goodness it only broke in one place this time and surgery was not required.
I drove him down to Loma Linda since that's where we had success the last time, it's only a half hour trip but by the time we left he was exhausted.
If you think it slowed him down in the least, you are dead wrong!

The good doctors Loma Linda had put a soft cast on and gave me instructions to remove it in three weeks so on April 28 Hayden was all too excited to have me do just that!
But even that was not without incident...
We were told to return for X-rays a week after removing the soft cast but ended up back there just a bit sooner then that:
May 5 we took him to the local urgent care facility after he pinched his hand in the footrest of his mini recliner and after trying for two hours we still couldn't get the bleeding to stop.  They said he needed stitches (about three) but with him being so young they'd have to put him under to accomplish that task so they oppted for sterie strips instead.  When that didn't work I just took him back to Loma Linda for his "X-rays" and had them check his hand while they were at it.  It's pretty sad, the looks you get when you take your child in for X-rays following his second break in 2 years with a hand that needs stitches! 

They cleaned his wound and glued it shut, covered it with a bandaid AND wrapped it in an ace bandage for good measure!  Oh, and in case you were wondering, his X-rays came back A-OK but the surgeon who worked on his arm in 2008 is worried about the mobility he's lost in said arm due to his injuries so we will allow some time for the stiffness to wear off and take him back for a consultation to see if he'll need physical therapy for his arm to regain mobility in June.

-His hand is completely healed now-

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