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Saturday, October 30, 2010

{August 30 - October 14} A Special Visitor

My Mother comes to visit a few times every year, however, this year she hasn't come to California at all... until now!  And she stayed for over a month!!! 
We had two baby showers to attend, lots of shopping and catching up to do right out of the gate!  
That's in addition to some work on my part, in fact, Mom tagged along on a photoshoot I did and I was able to take a few shots of her at one of her favorite places in the world: the beach.
Tristen has been working on earning a laptop to use for school since he'll be a BIG SIXTH GRADER and his homework will be all digital.  Little does he know, he accomplished that mission! 
 Mom took a week to visit with her sisters in her timeshare in Oceanside so I took the boys down for the weekend instead of just driving down to get her and come back!  They had such a blast and we were able to capture some nice shots!
Thankfully I had my tripod with me, it's the only way we could get photo together as a group.
The Navy was on the beach and the boys had a good time playing around on the ships & tanks.
Now back to the beach and to walk the peir.
While at the beach the boys found tons of shells and stuff but this one was the best of all!
 A live clam!
I wouldn't let them keep it though, it would kill Garrett when it died!
He couldn't let it go so I asked Tristen to do it.
 While walking the peir the boys saw some surfers catching the waves; it was cool.
 They saw this bird with a red beak and it seemed to be following us!
 ...and so it went for hours... then they fell asleep.

Some other random things we did together:
 Showing Nana how much we love Kayser...
 and how much he loves us!
 My nieces are huge Twilight fans and have wanted me to make shirts or something for them for ever!  So Mom helped with the sewing and I designed these dresses.
Lillian is a Team Edward
 and Liberty is a Team Jacob
 Mom's a Team Jacob too.
And then Mom & Izzie had to leave.
So much happened during this visit, I'm SURE I left stuff out, but I've been working on this post ALL DAY and I'm calling it done.


Diane said...

Awesome pics as usual! LOVE the beach pictures. The boys had sooo much fun and I'm glad I was able to be a part of it.
Love you blogs!

Anonymous said...

glad u had a good time . nice photos