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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

{June 30 - July 3}

Everything happens for a reason, right?  Well, it's what I always say.  Here I sit at the kitchen table enjoying a homemade peppermint-mocha late, listening to the neighbors rooster, horses and other various livestock, smelling the rain and feeling the cool, crisp chill of an autumn morning - it's 4 AM!!!!  What on earth am I doing up this early?  One thing came to mind as I tossed and turned, then finally gave up the fight; I'm SO FAR BEHIND on my blogging!  Which brings me back to "everything happens for a reason"
Bear with me as I try and play catch-up (again) only this time using pictures more than words.
Now, I know the early Autumn picture I so delicately painted with my words earlier is going to throw you off a bit when you see these pictures of how we spent our Summer so consider this your warning.  Now close your eyes and think "SUMMER" - - now you may continue:

There was so much more I had planned for my blogs from this Summer but I tried and tried, I just couldn't seem to findthe time to put into doing this "the right way" so you get this junky version, hey, it's better than nothing and I'm so OCD that I can't CAN'T just skip telling you all about this stuff!

{JULY} Palm Springs Vacation just me and my boys

So the story goes like this:  My parents and I have a timeshare... since my parents moved to Texas they don't use their points and some get wasted.  No one likes to waste (especially in this economy) so my parents gift the time away.  My Aunt & family had booked this time in Palm Springs but circumstances occured where they were unable to make the trip from San Diego (when you live in San Diego, where do you go on vacation? LOL) so mom called on us to drive the two hours and spend a week in Palm Springs (FOR FREE) so of course, we went!
 The boys have noticed that I'm not in any pictures so they've taken it upon themselves to snag my camera and take shots of ME from time to time... this one's not too bad so I'll share it.
 That's Garrett under there, playing his DSi - yes!  At the pool!  We can never escape that thing for long.
 Seth, posing... what a little heartbreaker!
 Playing a little ping-pong
 Tristen braving the water slide first!
 Hayden got hungry... I gave him the poolside bar's menu... not what I had in mind!
 Tristen giving me the thumbs up as his answer for "how was the slide?"
 Yeah, they ordered calamari (nope, they've never had it) but they "like the way it looks"
 Garrett says he's meant to eat it cause it's shaped like a "G" for Garrett!  LOL!
 A nice person offered to snap a pic of all of us while we enjoyed FREE ice cream (we won the "biggest splash" contest!)
 It seemed as if eveytime we took Hayden down to the pool he'd get sick; throwing up.  So we took a break from the pool but not from the water!  There was a "jet tub" (according to Hayden) in my room that they took advantage of instead.  Just look at his little sunburned arms, awe...  These two are best buds!
 All he needed was some "snack" and sleep...
Now enjoy these videos taken by someone or another from my phone:
Boys trying Calamari for the fisrt time - THEN learning what it IS!!

The boys videotaped ME sliding!! Love those guys!
Garrett & Tristen Sliding
Seth taking the slide for the first time; he was skeptical
Seth flipping & Hayden's babble:


The Path Traveled said...

I have been wondering where you have been??? Looks like you had fun this Summer. I love this time of year. My favorite because of all the colors. The walks are cooler, the trees are beautiful, and the holidays are on our door steps. Thanks for all the photos and videos you shared! Welcome back!
Delana's mom

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Jena said...

I'm so glad you are back. It looks like your summer was so much fun! We miss you when you are not blogging, but we understand that kids grow up too fast and it sure would be a waste to blog about it and not really have time to enjoy it - so enjoy it and blog about it when you can (we'll wait)!