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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

{July 8}

So today (July 8, hehe) my BABY turned FOUR!!!  It's so bittersweet.  Every year, every one of my childrens' birthdays (so count 'em, that's FOUR times a year for me) I reflect back on the past 365 days and inevitably find myself full of regret.  I regret the things I did that were maybe not so great and I regret the great things I failed to do.  I find comfort knowing that none of us are perfect and life is full of regret.  I repent and give it to God and vow, once more, to make this next year better.  I love my little prince, Hayden Rhys (pronounced Reece).  He's such a rich blessing to our lives and I thank God for entrusting him to us for this time.  Ok, now for the party!  Tristen helped him open his gifts.  As you can see, he's very excited about that dollar and that Monkey he "didn't get" from the dinosaur exhibit!
 This kid is a Jinks (my maiden name) if I ever saw one... he LOVES music, now he can listen to it day and night on his NEW MP Freer (that's what he calls it!, adorable, I know!)
 It's a pillow... it's a pet... it's a pillow-pet!!!  An alligator from Nana & Papaw that he promptly named Joseph.
 While in Palm Springs we realized he's a better swimmer than we thought and he has graduated to water wings and big boy swim shorts... SpongeBob, OF COURSE!!
Now, Hayden had a special request for his birthday cake (I made cupcakes instead but the flavor was all his idea!)
(ok, I rotated this before loading and it still posts sideways - if you know how to fix that, please inform me)
Just in case you didn't catch most of that... he wanted chocolate cake with peanutbutter icing!  I just made it green for fun! 
And they were OH! SO! GOOD!!!
 Three weeks before he turned four, THIS is what Hayden looked like. 
 But on his birthday he insisted on a "big boy" haircut so he looks like THIS now.  I like it, but I miss the length, I'm pretty sure we'll be letting it grow back out.
 This kid's got PERSONALITY and good looks!!!  A double threat guy!
 Sooo cooool.



Jena said...

I really hate to tell you this (honestly b/c I'm a mom too), but he looks so grown up. I don't know if it is the birthday or the haircut or the grown up attitude showing through, but he definitely looks older. Sorry.

But hey, he's still adorable.

Anonymous said...

i like his hair short better

Anonymous said...

emily got a pp for her bday.