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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

{September 7} First Day of School

It's tradition!  Every year on the first day of school we get up and ready early enough to take some pictures before heading off to school.  This year is special; bittersweet.  My youngest, Hayden, is going to pre-school.  I honestly don't know what I'm going to do with myself at home alone for three whole hours, five days a week!  (sure sure, more like where to start, huh?)

School Year 2010-2011
 Tristen, Sixth Grade
 Seth, Fourth Grade
 Garrett, Third Grade
 Hayden, Pre-School
 {taken the day before at his new school}
 I just LOVE his baby face!  He's growing up so fast, I have to cherish each and every ounce of him!
On the first day of school we all walked Hayden into class.   
 He was so scared and nervous, he had no idea what to do.
 He was told where to put his lunch...
 ... and then we walked into his room (see him reaching for my hand?  awe!  he didn't want me to leave him)
He found the cubby with his name on it and put his backpack in there.
 ...then it was time to find a spot on the rug.
 (he's still unsure about all of this) see how hoe's sitting on his knees?...
 He was told to sit on his bottom and he just lost it!  The tears came!  (mine too!)
 but then they started singing... he loves songs!
 but he didn't know this one so he didn't sing along.
Hayden & the director, Mrs Lorrie & the announcement on the board for this week
The tears were all gone by the time I picked him up.
We went to Hometown Buffet for a special lunch to celebrate him getting through the whole first day!

It took him just 10 days to stop crying when I dropped him off, now he's loving school and learning lots!

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Anonymous said...

good job sweet boy . so happy u got to go to school . such a big boy now ! hope u are having fun in school .