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Thursday, February 10, 2011

{December 2010} Fishing with Pappi

While Mom & Jim were in town they stayed at one of their timeshares in a community where there was a man-made lake -and it was fishing season!  Jim bought two rods and a tackle box for the boys to share and we headed out to the lake to do some fishing (right after going over some ground rules).
Although the boys have called Jim "Papaw" all these years, Seth started calling him "Pappi" on this trip!  Jim found it endearing since that's what he called his grandfather.
The sun was setting and cast long shadows.
 There were ducks everywhere!  They wouldn't leave us alone.  Garrett went to the car to get some crackers from his snack to feed them.
All four boys (5 if you're counting "Pappi") had a great time!  This is more up Garrett's ally (see skating blog).  It was freezing cold and windy but Mom (Nana) & I stayed in the van with the heater on (except when we were taking pictures -so, not for long! haha!) The weather didn't seem to phaze the boys but after an hour or so "Pappi" rounded them up and we headed out to Roadhouse for a nice juicy steak to celebrate Mom's (Nana's) birthday!


Diane said...

These fishing pictures are great! It was definately cold and windy. Just before going fishing you did a photo shoot for me and Jim. Thank you, we needed some good updated pics of us.
The boys calling Jim Pappi almost brought tears to his eyes. He had such a wonderful time doing this with the boys. I think it was one of his FAVORITE times during his r and r.

Anonymous said...