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Thursday, February 10, 2011

{December 2010}

December 8, 2010 My sister, Bonnie & her son, Ryder joined by my Mom, arrived in California to begin the pouring in of family to celebrate Christmas 2010.
It was amazing to have them here (and to have Mom back after only being gone for a few short weeks), I chose this picture to post because I love that my son, Seth favors my sister so much.  This way I can see her every day, in this small way.
 Two days prior to their arrival, Ryder turned ONE so even though he had a party back home, we surprised Bonnie & Ryder with a cake and some gifts.
This is how I saw Mom nearly the entire time!  LOL, when the camera wan't in front of MY face!
On December 17th Lauren went in for a scheduled induction.
And I got to hold her hand through the whole thing!  This makes TWO deliveries I've coached now, I'm becoming a pro!
Entroducing Ryan Christian Espinoza
Jim's plane landed in Cali on Dec 18 and his first stop was the hospital to meet his newest grandson!
December 19 April & the girls (Lillian & Liberty) arrived just after lunch.
April brought her two dogs and the boys had a blast wrestling with "real dogs" (they think Kayser & Sadie aren't really dogs cause they're small - whatever! Ha!)
Aunt April showed Hayden how to get Titus to do his best trick - shake "hands"

Now, I KNOW I've left TONS out but I'm feeling very pressured to finish playing "catch-up" and just get back to blogging daily/weekly/monthly without being behind.  Please go to my photog-blog to view the family photos that were taken while the whole family was together!


April Winder said...

Very cool quick and to the point! I know it had to have been hard to pick which things to post since so much happened during the month of december. Love the pictures!

Anonymous said...

looks like you had a good time with your family

Diane said...
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Diane said...

I agree with April, you got to the point and the pics just added to this blog. Thanks for adding the photo blogspot. That was a nice touch for everyone to SEE our big family gathering at your place! Could you add how to view the family photo's since your latest photo shoot is what shows up when I click on your link.
Thank you, Amanda for opening your home to all of us, we had a great time.

The Family of Logo said...

the link has been edited, thanks for bringing it to my attention.