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Monday, February 21, 2011

{February 2011} Valentines

It's funny how this time last week I was completely against the boys exchanging Valentines at school and today finds me putting the finishing touches on homemade Valentines to share at school!  I swear, I can't run from it!  I'm a romantic at heart and feel the need to make days like Valentine's Day special in any and every way possible!  I'm quite proud of myself, I must say, each boy needed 37 Valentines, so that's 111 that I made and 37 bought for Hayden's class.  I did all of this for a grand total of $14.00 (and most of that was for the candy)!  Dave Ramsey would be so proud ; )! 
Tristen, Seth & Garrett glued, hole punched, inserted candy & signed theirs ^
And Hayden signed his name, folded & sealed all of his!
I used what I had and kept it simple.

The boys received these Monday from Brad & me.
Freeze-able root beer mugs filled with old fashioned rootbeer barrels (candies) - Sundays we watch movies after church and have a snack, the boys' favorite seems to be rootbeer floats, these mugs will come in handy for Sunday movie snacks too!
My Mom sent money for me to buy some Valentines for the boys and just look what I found! - That's right, little tackle boxes filled with all the fish-like candies you could imagine!  I found them to be the perfect gift from Nana & Papaw after their little fishing expo with the boys this past holiday season!
Of course, they also got foam swords because every prince needs his weapon! 
And since we're in FPU and we each have "blow" money... we didn't do gifts for each other (Brad pre-ordered a video game he wanted and I ordered two new books) -but Brad did leave this not for me!
All-in-all it was a great Valentine's Day!


debby said...

Looks like you guys had a great Valentine's Day. Good job with the thrifty, but cool valentines!

Diane said...

Absolutely love your homemade valentines. and thank you so much for your Twility Saga inspired Valentines you sent to me!!! :)
So glad you had such a nice Valentines Day! And nice touch on the *not* Brad wrote! LOL

Anonymous said...

how sweet that he was thinking of u

Jena said...

I love handmade Valentines. I try every year to make some (I don't always succeed). It goes back to what Valentine's were really meant to be, treasures from the heart (and not so commercialized like they are now). My boys would like the Diary of a Whimpy Kid Valentines. You are super creative (being a Dave Ramsey fan myself - yes, I think he would be proud).