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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Friday Night Dinner and a Movie {don't forget desert!}

As those of you who frequent my blog know, Tristen has decided he wants to be a chef and HELP me prepare family meals. Friday, however, he requested that I leave the kitchen and let him teach his brothers how to cook! (Of course I supervised and kept A.P. out of the kitchen while sneaking some pics of my boys treating me to a night off from cooking! *PROOF*)

On the menu:
Stuffed Meatballs over Garlic, Herb & Butter Fettuccini with Garlic Breadsticks

Tristen made sure everyone washed first.

Tristen mixed ground hamburger meat, 3 eggs and a package of Ranch powdered seasoning with his bare hands while Seth and Garrett took turns cutting the cheese into cubes.

They took small portions of the meat and flattened them, put a cube of cheese in, then rolled it up. Tristen was such a good teacher! With a few tbsp of olive oil in the pan, Tristen fried the meatballs.

In the meantime, Seth and Garrett read the directions on the back of the Fettuccini box and got that simmering. Garrett accidently dropped the seasoning packet into the wet mix!

I don't know how I missed photographing the breadsticks... they were frozen and the boys aligned them on a tray and put them into the oven. Here's the complete meal we were all able to enjoy while sitting down in the living room (not something we do often while eating)...

...enjoying this movie! If you have a family with young children (male or female) and you haven't seen this movie together, I recommend that you rent it for your next family movie night! it was great!

You know how at resturaunts they always give the kids a paper menu/placemat full of activities and such to keep them occupied while waiting for the food to arrive? Well, Thursday while doing just that at Carrow's one of the activities was to create your own desert. Tristen is the only one who attempted to fill in this area of his menu/placemat. After giving it some thought, I decided to let him make his creation! I can't even begin to tell you how excited he was! Here you go,

Tristen's Graham Cracker Brownie A La Mode

Mix according to the directions on the box, the brownie mix. Pour into mini pre-made graham cracker pie crusts and bake at 400 for 30 minutes. Let the pies cool and top with vanilla bean ice cream, chocolate syrup and a cherry for good measure! Enjoy!

You don't see many pictures of Brad in here because he's not one to like the camera in his face, but let me just tell you that I felt like a total princess because after the boys cooked dinner and desert, Brad cleaned the kitchen! (of course it wasn't that bad because I've taught my boys to clean as they go by modeling it and they did just that!) Another amazing night in the Logo household! God is good.


Anonymous said...

that looks good Tristen. your boys are growing up fast . Its good thay worked together ( and with out a fight ). you are blessed with 4 beautiful boys .

love you!

Jena said...

That is so cool. My oldest told me this summer that he would like to be a chef too. I said go right ahead. He has been doing really good. I hope he keeps that dream, but if he changes his mind, I will support him on his new dreams too.

Anonymous said...

This is amazing! I love that your men treated you like a princess for the day - 2 days! LOL So Tristen is now wanting to be a Chef! How cool! - MOM