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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Update on Hayden

You have read about Hayden's dog bite incident but only a few of you know that less than 48 hours later, he fell and suffered a head trauma that landed him in the ER. He was suffering through unconscienceness and vomiting. The CAT scan showed NO internal bleeding or swelling and no lacerations or fractures - Praise God! After they got the vomiting under control and Hayden was able to eat and drink without causing an episode, stay awake and walk on his own without falling, they released us from the hospital. (This was Friday, July 17)

We had a rough week, yes, but God is good and always in control and I've seen no long term affects of the head injury and have focused my attention back to his arm where the punctures from the dog bite are healing; slowly but surely. I clean it out twice daily and keep it bandaged as to avoid infection. I've taken a photo each night around the same time as the bite occured to show his healing progress:

Not to make light of the situation, but just to lighten our spirits about it all, we've started calling Hayden "A.P." (accident prone) and he's taken to his new nickname quite nicely...

Please keep our little A.P. and the rest of our family in your prayers and thanks for all the prayers you've already sent up on our behalf. I love you all!
I was waiting to post this until after I went to Apple Valley in hopes that I could get a picture of the dog who bit Hayden, but no such luck, maybe next week!


Jena said...

I am so glad that you posted. I have been wondering and praying for your family. I am so sorry about his falling. Bless his little heart. He must be a very strong boy. I am glad things weren't any more serious than they actually were. I will continue to keep him in my prayers. [If possible, get some rest. I'm sure you need it after going through all that. Mothers suffer more internally - mentally, emotionally. You are in my prayers too.]

Anonymous said...

its looking good . sorry about the fall ! I do know how that feels Emily fell out of her baby beb at 8 months old . scary!!! glad he is doing fine .

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh, Mandy! Those are some serious wounds. He's such a little trooper. (and he has beautiful eyes!)
Aunt Deb

Anonymous said...

Mandy! That poor lil baby. He's a trooper tho huh? Thats for certain! Hope those wounds heal in record time.
Mandi Scott

Anonymous said...

Yes, those are definately some serious wounds and he is a little trooper! Keep doctoring them and keep us posted on his recovering. Poor Baby! He has definately had more than his share of accidents esspecially over this past year!!