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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Spaghetti Tacos Anyone?

Do you have kids? Have you heard of/seen iCarly?
Although the Nickelodeon sitcom is typically about a young girl who lives in the custody of her erratic older brother and has her own web show that she shares with her two best friends, my boys love it! I'll admit that I've been caught staring at the screen and laughing when the show is on too. Well, the brother I mentiond is "famous" for his Spaghetti Tacos. Yes, it's exactly what it sounds like; spaghetti in a hard taco shell. Last night I made spaghetti and since the boys had helped me put groceries away, they knew we had taco shells and BEGGED if they could try Speghetti Tacos. I was curious to see if they'd like them myself so I agreed and to my surprise, they loved them! Hayden, in typical Seth fashion, wasn't eating speghetti with the rest of the family because he "don't rike it" so I put a sliced hot dog on his plate. Then, in typical Hayden (monkey see, monkey do) fashion, he shoved his pieces into a hard taco shell and had himself a Hot-Dog Taco! It was a memorable evening laughing and joking and being stunned that the guys were actually eating these creations while reciting their favorite episodes of iCarly.

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Jena said...

How cute! I have never seen iCarly, but my boys talk about the show. That might just be something we could try.