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Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas Concert Videos

December 15, 2009 Tristen & Seth played in their first ever Christmas Concert! They've played in a recital before but this was different and for a much larger group. Not only did they play guitars (the instrument they're learning in this class) but as a special treat they learned a few songs on bells! Enjoy:



I'm so proud of my little entertainers!
Oh... for fun! I captured Hayden dancing to his favorite Christmas song; Hillary Duff's remake of Wonderful Christmastime... these are his "moves"

What a riot!!! Merry CHRISTmas everyone!


Diane said...

Okay now I have seen all of these video's... ALL terrific! I can't believe Tristen yawned during the bells! LOL They have done so well with their guitar lesson's and I am also very very proud and pleased that we had something to do with this!
Hayden....what can I say? He is just downright A DORA BLE!

The Family of Logo said...

Hayden kept having me repeat the song over and over again! My favorite part of Hayden's video is the end where he goes for the remote and says "do it again"!

Ash said...

Seriously adorable! The boys are doing so well! Great videos :)

Anonymous said...

great moves Hayden ! you made me out of breath just watching you . Ha HA !

The Family of Logo said...

Delana - I fixed it!!!!!

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