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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Most thoughtful & unexpected

Shortly after my birth in Texas my family moved to Minden, La where I lived until I was thirteen.  During my time in Louisiana I met many wonderful people, one of whom lived accross the street from one of the many houses in which we lived.  We became close over those three or four years.  My family's move back to Texas came very suddenly and I was unable to say goodbye to all of my friends, Delana was one of them.  Now, I was very young for my age in many ways and did not have the luxury of the internet to keep in touch easily with the friends I left behind.

Seventeen years and many moves later a road trip took me back to that small town in Louisiana.  It was there I ran into Delana again and we vowed to keep in touch this time!  I figured that would be easy what with home phones, cell phones, fax machines, texts, blogspot, myspace, facebook, email, twitter, you name it!  I didn't realize Delana wasn't a fan of internet communication!  Over the past two and a half years she's kept her end of the bargain much better than I, constantly sending me letters and pictures in the mail (you remember mail?  paper, pen, envelope, stamps!) and calling me on random occasions for casual reasons.  The best I did was answer the phone!  Sure, I was always happy to hear from her and two or three times I managed to write her back but I've often felt I'm not being the best friend to her that I can.  Yesterday, that fear was confirmed when I opened my mailbox to find a pair of diamond stud earrings from my dear sweet friend, Delana. 

One of those previously mentioned phone calls found me expressing my long-lasting desire for a pair of tiny diamond studs that I could wear day and night since I don't often change my ear accessories that would go with everything whether I was dressed up or not.   How sweet of her to have taken it upon herself to remedy my desire.  Delana, I vow now to the world (or whoever reads these things) that I will be the kind of friend to you that you deserve from this moment on.  You've been wonderful and I've taken advantage of your kindness, but no more!  I love you and thank you for caring for me so that after all those years and an impropper goodbye (or no goodbye at all really) you still held me in your heart.  I call myself blessed that the Lord has seen fit to give me friends like you in my life!

Aren't these beautiful?
I think they look great in my ears!


Jena said...

What a great friend. The Lord truly has blessed you. True friends are hard to find.

Ash said...

What a wonderful story and a dear friend! How great to hear :)

Anonymous said...

Mandy that was sweet BUT you are a better friend then you think . You are always there to leason to me . You dont judge me . You dont run and tell what Ive said . You have always been there even when we didnt know where the other was in this big world ( You was in my heart & I in yours ). You are my dear sweet BEST FRIEND ! I thank God for you in my life !

Anonymous said...

ps glad you liked them ! Happy new year to you and all your blogers !