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Thursday, December 3, 2009

why we shouldn't brag

I know I'm always bragging about how wonderful my kids are and how easy they make parenting for me (yeah, right), but really, I know I've bragged about Tristen and his ability to cook from a recipe without supervision at age 10.
-This is why I shouldn't do that! -
I was otherwise engaged (preoccupied with sewing and stuff) and the boys asked if they could make rice krispy treats (they had checked and we had all the stuff) so I said sure, sure whatever, just let me get this stuff done!
A few minutes later I smelled a familiar burnt marshmellow smell wafting down the hall and decided to check on them. They had the 9x13" casserole dish on the stove over the fire melting down the marshmellows! No one was hurt and nothing was actually burning so I laughed, grabbed the camera, then after photographing this ingenious act, helped them make use of their mistake and enjoyed a rice krispy treat with my boys!

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Ashley said...

oh that's hilarious! I'm glad that you were alerted by your sense of smell, though, or that could have been really disastrous!