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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Family Matters

Ten years ago I was told by my father that he had fathered other children;  female, born in 1990, who, chances are, knew nothing of my existance or the existance of the other children he had fathered.  I'd most likely never meet them.  Siblings.  Sisters.  Twins.
Bonnie, the first born, my sister, never gave up hope.  Even struggling through three deployments to Afghanistan she searched and searched.  Her efforts were not in vain!  She has found them!
Brittny-Anne and Branae

We have been united through the internet and have been getting to know each other over the phone. 
Truth: they knew nothing of our existance. 
Blessing: they want to build a relationship with us and be a part of our lives! 
Still curious as to whether or not this is true (we hope for a blood test in the future) we are all sort of riding on faith that we are in fact related.  There is truly no doubt in my mind, just look at their childhood photo!
(Branae, far left & Brittny-Anne, far right)
I see so much ressemblance there's no question!  I pray for the truth to reveal that what I believe is true and we all live happily ever after!

Bonnie (1975), April (1983) and I (1977) were born to Michael & Diane Jinks
Casey (1986) was born to Michael & Toni Jinks
Brittny-Anne & Branae (1990) were born to Michael Jinks (?) & Stacey
Elizabeth (2001) was born to Michael & Donna Jinks

I see a (re)union in the near future for ALL of us!  Praise God we've found each other!

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Aunt Debby said...

Oh my goodness! I definitely see a resemblance! Mostly to Bonnie and April. They're beautiful! Can't wait to hear the official word on this. Thanks for sharing!

The Family of Logo said...

what are you saying, Aunt Deb? "I definitely see a resemblance! Mostly to Bonnie and April. They're beautiful!" - lol!

Diane said...

Oh My what a wonderful thing! I saw the resemblance in that old photo too! You should post an old one of you girls. This is exciting news and Brittny and Branae thank you for opening your hearts and minds and acknowledging your sisters. I am so excited for you all!

Diane said...

I absolutely love these pictures! Girls you are BEAUTIFUL!

April Guillory said...

I know I never read your blog anymore. (That will change soon, I promise.)I love all of your blogs. Our sisters do look a lot like a recent photo I found of myself. Maybe mom can scan it and put in on here for comparison. IDK. Anyways, they are gorgeous! On a side note...Hayden eyes are beautiful, Garrett is "oh, so handsome" Seth and Tristen look like two guys from "That 70's Show" (this is a compliment, it in no way implies they are goofy). The boys are getting so big and I miss you all terribly!

Anonymous said...

Mandy they are so pretty . I hope you can see them in person sometime soon.

Ash said...

Oh wow Mandy! That is amazing! I definitely see a resemblance even in the more current photos. And yes, they are beautiful, and yes, I do see more of bonnie and april in the younger photos but I always thought you were so beautiful when I was growing up :) I thought you were my prettiest cousin! So there you go xoxo

Aunt Debby said...

Haha! I hope you know that I think you are gorgeous! They are just gorgeous in a different way. : ) Love you!

Diane Gather said...

Well, I must say you had everyone going on your facebook page the last few days! I am so very, very happy for you that you were able to meet in person your sister, Brittny-Ann. You will have to post a picture from today now!!