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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

2012 {the first quarter}

Surprise! Surprise!! Surprise!!!

I told you I'd be back! Man alive, I sure feel weird sitting here pounding away at these old familiar keys with so much to say and so little time. Outside, the weather has finally begun to cool down. I'm even sipping hot tea in my new, over sized flannel jacket my DH (dear husband) brought home for me not too long ago while the curtains flap in the breeze of the open windows.  I've had such a busy and fulfilling year. It's hard to believe its already October and I'm just getting around to sharing my experiences with you.  So, without further ado-
Sorry to start things off so soberly, but this January marked the would-be 16th birthday of a dear friend's daughter who is no longer with us.  They reside in another state so I was unable to attend the balloon release and celebration with them, so I had my own, right here in my backyard with my sons. 
RIP Meagan - Gone too soon, never forgotten:
 The elementary school the boys attend (Discovery) do these fun-dress days throughout the year, a way of showing school spirit, I suppose.  This Friday in February was "Cowboy Day" and Hayden chose to wear his oldest brother, Tristen's, old cowboy hat he'd found in a box.  He even dressed himself in his most cowboy-looking apparel.
 In addition to this being "Cowboy Day," Hayden's kindergarten class was performing some traditional patriotic songs.
He even had a speaking part (I could've sworn I had a video of that,but since it WAS nine months ago, I've misplaced it, not having electronically filed it with my photos, apologies)
March:Seth performed in the choir at school in a "Hero's All" musical.  I recorded the entire play, however, did NOT get any stills, so here we have the opposite problem (video, no pictures) but the videos are long and Seth is in the background singing, no lead parts (plus he requested I not post the video) so if you're interested in viewing that musical, let me know and I can try to email it to you.

This school year (2011-2012) has been great for me.  I've been able to volunteer in Hayden's kindergarten class every Friday!  One Friday in March he was running a fever and was unable to attend school.  He was so disappointed!  So... when I dropped his brothers off at school, I went in to ask his teacher for his work for the day and we had school at home!  It truly made his day, bless his heart!

1. I surprised Hayden by getting today's work from his teacher so we could do school from home today. (He LOVES his Friday Centers).
 2. He was very happy!
3. I even got a great big hug!
 4. We did some painting with glitter glue...
 5. Colored a page after completing a maze...
 6. Practiced our sight words...
 7. Had rest time (he insisted on using his school towel and laying on the floor - just like at school)...
 8. (I guess he got cold at some point...)
9. Woke up happy and ready to continue...
10. Did some reading...
11. And got awarded a note and treat for following the rules (just like Fridays in school)!!!
(You can really see how sick he was in this last photo... poor nugget :-()

Also in March - my two eldest celebrated their birthdays!  But I'll tell that story in a separate blog because my timer has gone off and I am now out of time!  More to come (soon) - I promise!


Anonymous said...

LOVED it Thanks ! How sweet you started with your friend ! I hope the family is doing ok ! Your son has grown Alot . I like the look on his face when he found your school set up .
Love , db

Diane said...

I loved that you shared Meagan in your family blog.... Can you tag Angie in these? I believe there is a way that you can make still pics from a video. Or since you are talking about Seth, you could just put a headshot of him here. Your first homeschooling experience? It's awesome that he likes school so much AND that you were able to get his work.

Diane said...

Oh and I LOVE this timer thing you got going on. Taken from a true "FLYbaby"! :)

April Winder said...

I am scrolling through these blogs and catching up. Man alive! So much has happened in the past year! Love the "school at home" day and Haydens face is priceless!

R2SonshinesMama said...

I love that you brought his schoolwork home and he had fun doing it. I need a large table like that already! Ryder just takes up so much room! Love that you are getting caught up, and I am still motivated- but alas- I have SET A TIMER for online time while the boys are sleeping, so I can actually get some more boxes gone through. So, bye for now. Great Job Mandy!