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Monday, October 15, 2012

Random photo-ness

Most of these got posted onto Facebook but since I know not all of you are "Facebookers" I've included these random (mostly mobile) pictures from the first 6 months of 2012 with captions under the photos for your enjoyment.

A childhood friend found me on Facebook, come to find out - although we both knew each other in elementary school when we lived in Louisiana when she found me we both live in southern california now!  And we're both photographers, to boot!  What a nice we had getting back in touch with our kids at the beach in April.
Me at Bible study holding a precious 3-month old in May
Hayden nailed the part of Private max in the kindergarten rendition of Stone Soup in May
Me at Bible study (nearly a month before my birthday), a sweetheart in our group made me this special gluetin-free cake (I was on a special diet) to celebrate early since we're going on a break and won't meet in my birth month. It was my first time eating gluetin-free and her first time making one, it was delicious!! - May
Tristen's The Looking Glass Wars end-of-the-year school project. 
He made an A+ of course.
As a regular volunteer I get priority when it comes to signing up for field trips (one of the perks) so when Hayden's kindergarten class went to the county fair, I was there!
Above is a photo of te group I was responsible for.
The first thing we did was watch a circus act, it was very entertaining.
 Then we learned about cows and other farm animals, here they are showing us how they milk them - with a machine!  Who knew?
It was a hot day so we took a lunch break followed by ice cream cones!
I ran into another volunteer who was willing to take a picture or two of me WITH my group!
And so our groups merged...
By the end we were spent, the bus came just in time! What a great day that was! - May
My mom is here and it's my birthday!  That means, movie and lunch!
Instead of a cake, i got a carrot raisin nut muffin!  Loved it!
I was asked to babysit Ryan while Mom & lauren went to the movies, I said yes but I had A LOT of help!
These boys just love their cousin!  I wish we could spend more time together.

Mom got to spend a Friday at school with me & Hayden!  What fun it was to share with her a taste of my Fridays in Kindergarten!
She made friends fast!
We crafted butterfly hats that day.
I sure hope you enjoyed all of that!  I'll be back tomorrow if time allows.


Anonymous said...

looks like fun ! love the B.fly hat ! its cute little man ! Thanks for the photos :]

Diane said...

Wow, those 6 months went by fast! Or so it seems...love your random pics. I want the pics of Tristen's project and one of him with it if you have one??

R2SonshinesMama said...

Maybe this is how I should do mine to catch up! LOL- I think I would have a hard time picking out photos, I take so many!

R2SonshinesMama said...

This is great! Maybe that's what I need to do to "catch up" on my blog.. LOL- of course, I have SO many pictures, and am always posting them to facebook, it seems like a duplication of effort. LOL. Great job!