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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Last Day Party! {Kindergarten}

Are you getting sick of hearing about kindergarten yet?  I'm not sick of telling about it!  The last day of school the local Wild Animal Rescue came to share their exotic animals & explain to the kids how we can help.  They were able to touch creatures they'd never be able to touch in the wild!  They were all very intrigued!
 I really didn't think Hayden would touch most of these, I thought he'd be afraid, but he was so brave!
Rosy Boa                                       Blue Spinx
 Desert Tortoise
 American Alligator                              Taboo the Bobcat    
 After the animals were packed up and headed back to the preservation we had a party!
 Waiting in line to top his ice cream sundae!
 Nana was a great helper (that way I could capture these moments)! Thanks, Nana!
 So Yummmmmm!
 Hayden was in such a great mood, he was giving all kinds of love!
 I love his face so much!  These eyes are full of wonder!
 These times we will remember fondly.
After ice cream there was water play!
 It's Official!  I'm a First Grader Now!!
Now to enjoy our Summer!!!


Diane said...

That was a fun day and Hayden was giving lots of love! I am grateful I was able to help out at a few of your "Friday Kindergarten Day"....

Anonymous said...

How old is his friend ? HE IS SO TALL ! I want to pet the kitty :)