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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Discovery School Trunk or Treat

The boys have had the same Trick or Treating buckets for 2 years now and when we pulled the boxes out of the attic we found them dry rotted and crumbling. This was the day before "Trunk or Treat" at the boys' school so I had to think and act fast! I had just made a blanket (blog coming soon) of Fall colors and had enough scraps lying around to make some bags for the boys to use. They LOVED them! My friend, Fotima loved them so much she asked me to make one FOR HER! LOL! So I did! I also was able to make 3 extra bags, one for Tima's son, Allen, and one each for my friend, Jeanette's boys. I got the iron-on decor at Joann's on sale. These bags cost me less than $10 total! AWESOME, and reusable!
Tima and Allen heading to Trunk or Treat at Discovery - Seth, the alligator, I mean dinosaur!
We tend to use the same costumes over and over until we can't anymore! It saves time, money and effort! haha! It's all about the candy for them anyway!
I remember when Tristen was Winnie the Pooh's Hunny Pot! AWE!
I got the Lion and Alligator costumes from my cousin a few years ago in a box of much needed hand-me-downs (thanks Carrie, we love them!) and they prove to be perfect for the weather we have in the High Dessert this time of year! When we're done using them, I've promised to donate them to the school drama club!
Trunk or Treat was a fun idea! I thought it would be lame but the school really went all out. Teachers and Parent volunteers decorated trunks and handed out candy to the "trunk or treaters"

They even set up a haunted house in one of the classrooms! It was really cool!


Anonymous said...

mandy did you or Bard know anyone at the fort hood shooting ? To anyone how did my hart and prayers go out to you !

Aunt Debby said...

You're such a good mom!