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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Solvang {October 2009}

October 24, 2009 - Happy 11th Anniversary to us!
Earlier this year Brad and I took a weekend away from the boys and visited our timeshare in Solvang for the first time and really enjoyed ourselves and promised the next time we go up there we'll have to bring the kids because they would probably love it too!
It's beautiful here all year round but the colors that were painted on everything
this Fall were more captivating than words could describe!

We took the boys to The Little Mermaid Resturaunt for a traditional Danish breakfast.
These are called aebleskivers (pancake balls) and the boys devoured them!

One of the things we enjoyed the most back in February was to hike up to Nojoqui Falls so that was the first venture on this trip.
Tristen was nervous after reading this sign and clung to Brad for safety. This is pretty much how I saw them the whole hike up!

The Falls did not have much of an outpouring but the boys sure enjoyed it!

Hayden was impressed with how big these trees grew! He said the hole in this tree looked like a monster head with a "bumpy back" - do you see it?
We took the boys to Ostrich Land and let them feed the flightless birds that "have dinosaur feet"!

DOGTOBER FEST! As we walked around the tiny Danish town we noticed a lot more dog owners walking their dogs. When we got to the main square we realized why: DOGTOBER FEST was in full force! The boys were in hog heaven in the midst of all those dogs. They were very polite, asking permission before petting the dogs. I'm surprised Hayden wasn't the least bit scared after the dog bite incident earlier this year.
Here are some of their favorites!

We went in and out almost every little shop and here's where the boys chose to spend their money! A candy shop! Surprise, surprise! They had candy in bulk in buckets!
We didn't think the boys would like a traditional Danish dinner so we found a Chinese food resturaunt to take them. Seth learned how to use chop sticks (his own version) and tried new food! He likes pot stickers! Hayden was being silly with his straw!
The sunsets there were so vibrant!

Lake Cachuma:
The boys were facinated with "the woods"! They found these trees worth climbing!
I took the opportunity to take some updated photos of my little men. Gotta love candids!

Tristen was watching me shoot the brothers and was ready with a pose when his turn came!
The Bradbury Dam:
The boys had a wonderful time and I've already started making plans for another trip up there. (this time for a girls' weekend of wine & cheese tasting and shopping!) Who wants to join me?!


Anonymous said...

I do! I do!
-I want pancake balls too!

Fotima Hall

Anonymous said...

happy 11 years !!!