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Monday, November 9, 2009

My Fall Living Room Set

You may remember earlier this year I made curtains and throw pillow covers for a lighter look to my living room for the Spring and Summer months, well, I had actually given away the curtains I had up since they didn't even match my current set so when Autumn hit and it was time to bring out the darker colored set again, I panicked, not having any window coverings! I had planned on making some to match the existing Peir 1 Imports throw pillows and table runner I have and love but when in Peir 1 on a whim looking for Fall scents one day, I noticed that they had the exact matching window panels on SALE!! I couldn't buy random fabric at the fabric store to make panels that would "go" for less $$ so I bought 2 panels! I was estatic! ... until I got home and ready to hang them just to realize they were 6 inches too short and the tops didn't look right next to the sheer center panels that have tabs. Instead of returning them I made one last effort to fix this problem, I found some fabric at Joann's that would match and I added a 3 inch boarder to the bottom of each panel and 3 inch tabs at the top! Not bad if I do say so myself!


Anonymous said...

I love the curtains !!!

Anonymous said...

our talk the other day made me clean house today .
Now you have me looking at my curtains ( old & blue ) , wanting new ones .


Jena said...

Veeerrry innovative. I would have probably cried that it didn't work. Great problem solving and they look fantastic!!!!!!!!!