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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

~The Pumpkin Patch~

The van was loaded and we were all settled in and ready for the 4-hour drive to Solvang when I announced that the Solvang Pumpkin Patch has been shut down. Everyone was disapointed (including me) so we decided to drive the opposite direction to visit the local Pumpkin Patch before heading to our vacation spot.

The boys' favorites were the cinderella and lumina.

Each year it seems there's an extra face smiling out at me from this giant metal jack-o-lantern!

Can you believe how tall Tristen is getting!? He comes to Brad's shoulder (for those who don't know, Brad's 5'9")!

Garrett was intrigued with this little gray pumpkin he found in the sea of orange and white.

We saw pumpkins of all shapes and sizes, the boys kept pointing some of the odd balls out telling me to take a picture! Gotta love that!

Seth, Tristen, Garrett & Hayden playing on the covered haystacks, just look how vast the feild of pumpkins is behind them!

I took my eyes off of him for a few seconds to take a photo and he was GONE! My little AP needs eyes on him at all times! I finally found him, can you see?
This is the only up close, posed shot I got of all the boys and it didn't turn out perfect, but that's perfect enough for me!
These sunflowers were friggin HUGE! This one's petals had all fallen off and the center alone is as big as Seth's face!
They were TALL too!
Boys will be boys, making silly faces to fit in with the decor! HAHA!
I love how it wasn't very croweded since we were there at 9 AM and the boys could freely roam through the feild.

Hayden's "scary face". he said this pumpkin would make a good ghost if turned upright. I concur.

I just love the lighting on this one.

Happy Harvest Everyone!

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Anonymous said...

first wow you got up at five something to post this. I would be in bed . Looks like the boys had fun. love the one of all the boys with the pumpkin. Are you loving your new camra?